Texas is the number one execution state in the United States. By becoming active against the death penalty here in Texas, you will join the front lines in the fight to abolish the death penalty. Joining TSADP is free. Just email us and let us know you want to join. Whoever you are, wherever you live, there is something you can do to advance the cause of abolition in Texas. Hold a protest, put information on a table on your campus where people walk by, invite someone to speak about the death penalty on your campus, talk to the person next to you in class and ask them what they think about the death penalty. Speak out for human rights. Demand that executions stop. Make your voice heard by joining Texas Students Against the Death Penalty’s network of activists on high school and college campuses around the state. You can make a difference! When you join TSADP, you become part of a larger movement. As an individual member, or as part of a local high school or college group, your voice will join with countless others to build pressure for the abolition of the Death Penalty. You can join as an individual or if you are part of an organization, your organization can join. If there is not an anti-death penalty organization on your campus, then start one. Contact students in your area and ask them to be involved.