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Prosecutorial Misconduct Caused Anthony Graves to Be Wrongfully Sentenced to Death

“The prosecutor who was responsible for sending  Anthony Graves, an innocent man, to death row should be prosecuted for misconduct, including official oppression or other charges. In addition, legislators should enact a moratorium on executions in the next legislative session. A moratorium is the best way to ensure that needed reforms or implemented to prevent…read more

Good news from Texas: Anthony Graves Ordered Free From Texas’ Death Row

It was just announced that Anthony Graves, an African American man wrongfully sent to death row in 1994, despite the actual killer admitting that Anthony had no role in the murders he committed.  Thanks to students at the University of St. Thomas in Houston and their professor Nicole Casarez, working and uncovering evidence, the 5th…read more

Six Innocent Death Row Exonerees to Lead the 11th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty Saturday Oct 30 2010 in Austin at the Texas Capitol

Media Advisory For immediate release October 26, 2010 Contacts: Scott Cobb, Texas Moratorium Network 512-552-4743 Laura Brady, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, 512-638-1048  Six Innocent Death Row Exonerees to Lead the 11th Annual March to Abolish the Death Penalty Saturday Oct 30 2010 in Austin at the Texas Capitol Pre-March Press Conference to Be Held on Friday…read more

New Hell Hole News #26

October 18th, 2010 This is in reference to Mary Fischer’s articles posted on the ScotusBlog “Texas Death Row DNA Case”, which can be found in the “Death Row News” section, “Hank’s case in the media” paragraph of the website: Dear Mary, again. I wrote the foregoing long before its posted date and was going to send it to you…read more

Larry Wooten to die despite retardation claim

Larry Wooten By Elizabeth SteinProducer, Execution Watch HUNTSVILLE, Texas — The state will end a more than two-month hiatus in executions Thursday by putting to death Larry Wooten of Paris, Texas, whose claim of mental retardation was credible enough for the state Court of Criminal Appeals to grant him a retrial. Execution Watch  will broadcast…read more

Texas Fire Marshal Paul Maldonado to Speak at Texas Fire Marshal’s Association Conference in Austin Oct 18-22; Maldonado Stands by Error-Ridden Fire Investigation Used to Convict Todd Willingham

The Texas Fire Marshal’s Association is holding its 12th Annual Texas Fire Marshals’ Conference Oct 18-22 in Austin at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It will be interesting to see if any of their members will criticize State Fire Marshal Paul Maldonado for writing a letter to the Texas Forensic Science Commission standing by his agency’s…read more