Monthly Archives: May 30, 2010

Saving David Powell: Sissy Farenthold

Here is a link to a new video testimonial from Sissy Farenthold about why David Powell should not be executed. His execution has been scheduled for June 15, 2010 after 32 years on death row. She has been visiting David Powell on death row for 20 years. For more information, visit Click here to…read more

Tuesday targeted for 11th Texas execution in 2010

   John Alba with one of his nine grandchildren, in the death row visiting area of the Polunsky  prison unit, Livingston, Texas. By Elizabeth Stein, ProducerExecution Watch, KPFT FM Houston Texas plans Tuesday make John Alba the 11th man executed in 2010 in the Lone Star State, putting it on track to carry out half…read more

Film Screening: Saving David Powell

“How much pain is enough to make up for irreparable harm?  I don’t know if you can make up for that.” FILM SCREENINGWEDNESDAY MAY 26 AT 7PMMONKEYWRENCH BOOKS110 E. NORTH LOOP BLVD.“Saving David Powell” is a call to action to stop the execution of David pwell in real time.  He is scheduled to be executed…read more