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Innocence Project to webcast Texas Forensic Science Commission meeting tomorrow

The Texas Forensic Science Commission is meeting tomorrow for the first timein six months. This is the commission’s first meeting since Gov. Rick Perrysuddenly replaced its chair and several of its members while it was in themiddle of an investigation into the case of Cameron Todd Willingham. The Innocence Project will stream live video of…read more

Dallas Morning News: “Judge Keller shouldn’t get a pass”

Last week, the San Antonio Express-News called for Judge Sharon Keller’s removal from office. Now, the Dallas Morning News has become the second newspaper to call for a harsher punishment than was recommended by the special master Judge David Berchelmann, Jr. On this we agree with a special master’s finding on Texas Court of Criminal…read more

San Antonio Express-News: “Remove Sharon Keller from appeals court post”

San Antonio Express-News is the first paper to publish an opinion about case of Judge Sharon Keller after the special master and republican Judge David Berchelmann, Jr issued his findings. The key finding in State District Judge David Berchelmann’s report on Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Sharon Keller is that she “did not violate…read more

Special Master has issued his Findings of Fact in the case of Judge Sharon Keller

The Special Master has issued his Findings of Fact in the case of Judge Sharon Keller. The special master is Republican Judge David Berchelmann, Jr. Keller is also a Republican. The document can be located on the website of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct at The Commission will announce the date, time and…read more

Abolition Movement at Houston’s 32nd MLK Parade

Fellow Abolitionists and Activists, Here are details for helping the Texas Death Penalty Abolition movement with our outreach activities on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, Jan. 18. Please email and confirm if you can come and join in the outreach for abolition. We need help from 8:30 until noon, both before and during…read more

Statesman: “it’s time to address state’s flawed system”

“Death penalty: With doubts raised, it’s time to address state’s flawed system,” is the title of Austin American-Statesman‘s last editorial of 2009. Like the overdue family chat about the uncle everybody knows is not quite right, it’s time for Texas to talk about something many folks know is not quite right. Whether you support or…read more

Execution Watch: On the execution of Kenneth Mosley

Jan. 7, 2009, Thurs., 6-7 pm CT Listen on KPFT’s HD-2 channel, 90.1 FM Houston, or Go to www.executionwatch. org at 6 p.m. CT, click on “Listen.” SCHEDULED TO BE EXECUTED KENNETH MOSLEY, 51, convicted in the 1997 death of Garland, Texas, Police Officer Michael David Moore, who responded to a call about a bank…read more

Death Penalty Action website

Our UK colleague, Simon Shepherd at Death Watch International, has developed a terrific website for all of is. It is unbranded, so that it will be easier for everyone working for abolition of the death penalty to use. The site – – has been in development for around a year or so. The idea…read more

Terri Been’s Phone Call with Sister Helen Prejean

Today, I received the phone call from Sister Helen Prejean that I won from the Texas Moratorium Network raffle. This really was an honor for me, and Sister Helen was as thoughtful and generous as I have heard. When she called, she was actually on her way home from a death row visit in Louisiana….read more

Top Texas Death Penalty Stories in 2009

Two stories dominated death penalty news in Texas in 2009, Todd Willingham and Sharon Keller. We will call it a tie for top Texas death penalty story in 2009, at least according to amount of media coverage. Well, the Willingham case received more media coverage, but we still call it a tie for top story….read more