Message from Kenneth Foster

Greetings Brother of the Struggle!

I begin this missive with nothing but Plenty Much Love, Honor and Respect as I bow to the Right to those whose path is Righteous and also to those Brothers and Sisters who have fallen and are amongst the Kings and Queens that sit in Heaven.

It is said to hold what we are fighting for close to heart and never forget Our Cause. Therefore, as I stand to protect, I will put on the armor of God that is given: the helmet of salvation to shield the Minde, the brestplate to shield the Body and the belt of truth to uphold the Righteousness of my Soul. Thus, I stand with the sword to defend what rest within this Great Discovery.

I bring in a very interesting situation to you and if you are established in the proper ranks, you will be able to bring a powerful movement into motion. First and foremost I reach out to you from the wastelands of Texas. For 17 years I have walked down this Yellow Brick Road – blessed with the Vision by a Brother from East Detroit (out of hood called Plymouth Rock). At the time Insane was the way of thought, but in due time nothing but Growth and Development would be the path.

My story is an interesting one and if you take out 30 minutes to look up the information I leave you, I think you will find something of Great Depth. In 1997 I found my way to death row in Texas. The bottom line to that horror came about because I would not violate myself or those I was with by becoming a state witness. So, in retaliation I was slam dunked on the case. Over the years I spent my time working HARD to save my life and build international support. I won’t have to tell all of this, because it’s all documented on the Internet and you can read about it, google it, see videos, hear interviews and so on. In 2007, 6 hours before my execution, because of international and political pressure my sentence was commuted to life. Of course, a life sentence that I will not accept, thus this is only the first steps in going for full liberation. I would like for you to research me and my plight so you will KNOW who is talking to you. Take the time to do the following:

*look up: (go to the PICTURE PERFECT section and pay attention to the first 6 photos)
*google Kenneth Foster or look up Rick Perry on Wikipedia

This is just really the start, but it’s enough to show you what I have done and what I’m about.

When I went to death row I met some of the deepest Folks from around the world. Some were from Detroit, Alabama and Mississippi. Some are now executed and it’s a few left. It wasn’t until I went to death row that I truly began to understand and study the concepts and ideology of this 14. Now, Texas is #2 in the U.S. with prisons, so it’s a large variety of mentalities from Unit to Unit. Some are more on-point than others and some prisons are rougher than others. Therefore, that will decide how the Growth and Developments communities function. From what I’ve seen in my 13 years on the inside is that Texas has been greatly neglected by our elders up North. In many ways it seems Texas is looked at as a waste land. However, there are GOOD Brothers here and many are on-point. We just lack the support and sponsors. Thankfully, while I was on the row, my Brother that was from Detroit gained a sponsor out of Munising (Algier Maximum Correctional Facility) and we was given the proper instructions on how to formulate a community. Sadly, when Texas ended inmate to inmate correspondence around 2002 that killed our birthline. We have done the best we could since then. The mentality on death row has always been serious, so we weaved what teachings we had into politically-militant type actions and used that in our daily walk. So, in every aspect of my Struggle I utilize these teachings to get things done.

This demo here is a SOS signal for help in this region. For the most part the Better Development Brothers have a strong structure. They had elders from up North that came down and set them on the Right path, so on the inside and outside they have a proper COC. The Growth and Development Brothers lack that. So, what Brothers have done down here is taken the INITIATIVE to construct structure, but that gets bucked by many (really on a selfish and renegade mentality) because they say ones don’t have the proper authority to do this. And then you have ones who still remain in the past holding on to old concepts (like with the B in front) and that creates conflict. We stand that we acknowledge only this: GD, BD, LD and those under F.N. The Latin community is in disarray because for the most part Mexican gangs have ran the prisons, so when they come to prison the Mexican gangs put pressure on them and cause them to flipflop (Ambrose to be specific). But, that is another story which needs to be told.

Now that I am in population I can do a lot more for this Texas community. I have the outside network team to make things happen. We do not have access to computers in here, so everything goes through different supporters of mine. But, anything you send will get to me and will be responded to. I want to tap into this network. And YES just as you may seek to get to the depths of my Knowledge I will seek to get to depths of yours, because Brothers that have been baptized in the same Knowledge will recognize each other. I’m sure I may not possess all thepieces of our Lit and History, but I’m sure with enough conversation you’ll know I’m enlightened through our Books of Life. And that is another thing we are need of – the cleansing of the 12-9-20 that we possess. Sometimes Brothers pop up with items and it could be something they made up after reading the 48 Laws of Power or something. But, I have stayed cautious and kept it simple to my Creed, AR804 (also known as the Institutional U-16), I pledge, We Pledge, Plug-In/Plug-Out and some other items.

It’s important that you Brothers up North know that it’s some SERIOUS Brothers down here. We have been doing this for a long time and as always we need to take it to the other level. As we are taught – we are to become a reckoning power BEYOND boundaries and without measure! I have found that honorable Chariman has a MySpace up, so I will be seeking to get accepted as a Friend there. I’ve also attained the Ghetto Prisoner clothing line address in Chi and may seek to drop a package there (if I’m able to find out the info will be accepted in safe arms). I’m sure you realize we have Brothers in many of these death rows across amerikkka. They need to know they are not forgotten. It’s a vision of mine to create a newsletter for Texas. But, that is just one of many.

I am going to let this do for now. I will patiently wait for a response and I will be ready to split some bricks with you. With Love, Loyalty, Life it was started and without Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding we’ll soonly be departed. May the Blessing of Our Most Glorious Six be upon you and I extend the Highest Greetings of Love to all those that are Righteous and Striving that are around you. I am what I am and what I am not I will never be. I leave as I came…

In Struggle

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