Monthly Archives: March 31, 2009

New Complaints Filed Against Judge Sharon Keller

The Associated Press is reporting that new complaints has been filed against Judge Sharon Keller. Texans for Public Justice filed complaints with the Texas Ethics Commission and Travis County attorney’s office. She will be automatically suspended if the Travis County Attorney charges her with a crime, or if she is impeached by the Texas House….read more

Kids Against the Death Penalty Named 2009 Youth Abolitionists of the Year

Kids Against the Death Penalty has won the 2009 Youth Abolitionists of the Year award given by Students Against the Death Penalty and Texas Students Against the Death Penalty. The award was announced and presented to KADP at the Texas Capitol on March 24 by Hooman Hedayati, president of Students Against the Death Penalty and…read more

Rick Casey: Let’s give Judge Keller a free lawyer

The following is a great column by Rick Casey of the Houston Chronicle about Sharon Keller’s request for the State of Texas to pay her legal fees. Sharon Keller, presiding judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, says the State of Texas is violating her constitutional rights. We are not paying for an attorney…read more

New Hampshire House Passes Crime Victims Equality Act

Today the NH House became the first legislative body in the country pass a crime victims equality act to prohibit discrimination against family members of murder victims who oppose the death penalty. By a 213-114 margin HB 370, “An act relative to the treatment of victims of crime”, was passed by a 213-114 margin. That…read more

Repeal Bill Passes NH House

The New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal the death penalty today. The vote was 193-174. The House also passed a bill to establish a death penalty study commission.

Texas Can Help End the Death Penalty

Hello, I’m writing to you today because of an issue that is very important to me, and may be to you as well. I learned this morning that Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wis) will be introducing a bill in the Senate subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Property Rights to abolish the death penalty in…read more