Monthly Archives: December 30, 2008

Students Against the Death Penalty receives Grant Award

Students Against the Death Penalty was just awarded a grant by Resist, Inc., a national progressive foundation located in Somerville, Massachusetts to help with organizing the 2009 Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break in Durham, North Carolina. RESIST Inc, along with Campus Progress at the Center for American Progress, has been one of the major funders…read more

DMN editorial: Death penalty moratorium needed

That’s the title of Dec 29 editorial by Dallas Morning News calling for a death penalty moratorium in Texas. Last year DMN changed it’s century old support of the capital punishment and called for the abolition of the death penalty in Texas. The year draws to a close with Texas in its familiar No. 1…read more

Seven Scheduled Executions in Texas in January

Curtis Moore January 14TDCJ Info on Curtis Moore Jose Garcia Briseno Jan 15 TDCJ Info on Jose Garcia Briseno Frank Moore Jan 21 TDCJ Info on Frank Moore Reginald Perkins Jan 22 TDCJ Info on Reginald PerkinsClemency for Reginald W. Perkins Petition More than 16,500 have signed! Facebook Group Larry Ray Swearingen Jan 27 Larry…read more

Justice For Rodney Reed! Protest – Today

Dear Friends, For anyone following the case of Rodney Reed, I’m sure you were as outraged as we were by the CCA’s complete disregard for any of the important evidence provided by the defense that could prove Rodney’s innocence in a new trial. Their opinion released yesterday denies him a new trial. The Austin CEDP…read more

Another Victory at the U.N.

Community of Sant’Egidio ANOTHER VICTORY AT THE U.N. FOR THE SECOND TIME, THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY HAS APPROVEDA RESOLUTION CALLING FOR A UNIVERSAL MORATORIUMOF EXECUTIONS AND THE ABOLITION OF THE DEATH PENALTY IN THE WORLD The Community of Sant’Egidio gladly welcomes the big step taken by the United Nations when, just a short while ago, the…read more

“A Great Injustice” in the Rodney Reed Case

Court of Criminal Appeals Denies Relief Reed’s Supporters Plan Protest for Monday, December 22, 2008. At 5:30 pm at the Capitol, 11th and Congress. THE TEXAS Court of Criminal Appeals yesterday denied relief in the case of Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed, as his family members and supporters decried the ruling. Sandra Reed, Reed’s…read more

Rodney Reed’s request for new trial denied

Andrea Lorenz of the Austin American-Statesman is reporting that Rodney Reed’s request for a new trial has been denied. The request for a new trial by attorneys for Rodney Reed, who faces the death penalty for the 1996 murder of Stacey Stites, has been denied. We will have a story up soon. In the meantime,…read more

2008: Harris sends nobody to death row

Thats the title of Rick Casey’s column for the Houston Chronicle. First I learn that Houston’s air is getting cleaner. Now I learn that we haven’t sentenced a single scumbag murderer to death this entire year. This is not the city I signed up for. In 1999, Houston displaced Los Angeles as the smoggiest city…read more

Death penalty system fatally flawed

Thats the title of Sam Milsap’s column in the San Antonio Express-News. According to a report released last week by the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty — Texas Death Penalty Developments in 2008: The Year in Review — this year Texas juries condemned the fewest number of people to death in more than…read more

Ramsey Clark awarded UN Human Rights prize

Dear Friends, This is wonderful news about Ramsey Clark. This past summer when I contacted Ramsey about the Jeff Wood case, he did not hesitate when asked to write a letter to the governor and the Board of Pardons. Ramsey was the attorney for my friend Carlos Santana who was executed by the state of…read more