Monthly Archives: November 13, 2008

Panel recommends abolishing death penalty in Md.

A state commission has voted to recommend abolishing the death penalty in Maryland. The Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment voted 13-7 to make the recommendation in its report to lawmakers and the governor next month. The vote came after the failure of a proposed amendment to keep the death penalty for people who kill correctional…read more

The lockdown ends on Wednesday

Gloria Rubac of the The Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement informs us by email that visits will resume on Wednesday at Polunsky. From Gloria: The lockdown ends on Wednesday. Just called again to clarify and was told that visits start Wednesday. Of course, on Wednesday it is press day so visits are only in the…read more

End the Polunsky Unit Lockdown Now!

The Abolition Movement spent the majority of our meeting on November 5 discussing the current situation at the Polunsky Unit. The consensus was that anything and everything should be tried until this lockdown ends, visits are restored, shakedowns are ended and life returns to what TDCJ considers normal. We all know that “normal” conditions are…read more

Cynthia McKinney: Witness to an Execution

Last Thursday, while Ralph Nader, Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin were debating in Cleveland, Cynthia McKinney was acting as witness to the execution of another innocent man in Texas – Gregory Wright, who was killed by Texas authorities at Huntsville Unit, Texas State Penitentiary, Jacksonville, Texas.