Monthly Archives: November 28, 2008

State Rep Harold Dutton files Law of Parties bill

State Rep Harold Dutton of Houston has filed a bill to end the death penalty as a sentencing option for anyone convicted under the Law of Parties. By: Dutton H.B. No. 304 A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT relating to the extent of a defendant’s criminal responsibility for the conduct of a co-conspirator in…read more

Star-Telegram interview with Dallas DA Craig Watkins

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins created a conviction integrity unit. He invited law students into his office to help probe for wrongful convictions. And there is at least one other way Watkins differs from most other prosecutors: He is personally opposed to capital punishment. In recent interviews, Watkins discussed those feelings and how he…read more

Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indicted in S. Texas

Thats title of Houston Chronicle’s article on indictment of Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales and state Senator. Lucio on charges related to alleged abuse of prisoners in federal detention centers. McALLEN — A South Texas grand jury has indicted Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on state charges related to the alleged…read more

HURRICANE SEASON: the hidden messages in water

HURRICANE SEASON: the hidden messages in water is a two woman show about unnatural disaster and a great shift in universal consciousness. Read more about this inspiring show at the show’s website: Texas Moratorium Network will participate in a dialogue at the Austin show. The running time of the show is 2 hours. During…read more

Polunsky visitation with Jeff

Terri Been is sister of death-row inmate Jeff Wood. In this letter she talks about her experience with visiting her brother on death-row and the situation during and after this month’s lock-down. Yesterday’s visit to my brother was bitter sweet to say the least. Overall the visit went well, but it was very emotional and…read more

Causewiring the Anti-Death Penalty Movement

Anyone interested in using online activism against the death penalty should take a look at the new book, CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World. It is about using online activism to change the world. The author, Tom Watson, also has a blog that is worth a look. He says that Obama’s election was…read more