Why You Should Oppose the Death Penalty!

The System is Broken:
Why You Should Oppose
the Death Penalty!

The capital punishment system is plagued by wrongful convictions. Innocence, racism, lack of adequate defense, mental illness, and numerous crime lab scandals, have all helped to create a system rife with error. In addition, not much is being done to reduce the causes of crime. The death penalty is not the solution to societal problems. The CEDP is a group dedicated to ending capital punishment and reforming the justice system. To find out about joining our group or for a simple discussion on this issue:

Wednesday, September 10 at 7PM
CMA Rm 3.112 (25th and Whitis)



A family emergency in the Scott family has necessitated a change of plans for the rally scheduled on the 13th of September at DA’s office and city hall. The rally will be rescheduled, and we will let people know about the new date as soon as possible.

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