Message from Tony: The Time Is Now

As I sit here writing, I have Tom Petty’s song ‘Running down a dream’. This song has been playing over and over inside my head and I have been trying to fathom its meaning in how it relates to my struggle to gain my freedom. See I dont think that my quest to gain my freedom is a dream. Rather it is something that is rooted in a basic fundamental knowledge that I WILL be free one day and God willing, one day soon. Still this song persists with me…

As many of you know, I have been waiting on the results from the DNA testing of the true perpetrator, Victor Belton’s clothing. Well unfortunately, thus far, the testing has not produced the definitive results hoped for by me, my family, friends and supporters. Still the tests were not in vain. The thing that I am doing now is what I have always been doing and that is trying to strengthen my case for eventual freedom. But I must admit, this year has been hard with the restarting of the Texas killing machine… Already again, friends I have known for years have been killed… No matter how one(s) may feel about those executed by this state, it must be remembered that ALL LIFE is sacred. And those men who were executed were NOT the same men who were condemned years ago for crimes they may or may not have committed.

Now for me, there has been a feeling of frustration at the judicial process. The reason being is because in relation to the law, many of the men executed shouldn’t have been. So what does that mean for me and the many men here with me who have our backs up against the wall and are on our last appeals? It means that what we need is something more than the courts. It means what we need is the right minded political pressure which will then hopefully let our political establishment know that we need them to step in and do what is right. And that is, to change laws and/ or make judicial appointments which can hopefully see less biased decision making in regards to cases which call for the ultimate penalty to be enacted. And that penalty is the taking of another human life in the name of justice.

For my case in particular, I have recently asked that the many of you who support me lend your voices to the outcry against the injustice that has befallen me. And as one, to write in to the mayor of El Paso, who has taken a brave stance against the death penalty. And urge him to take a look at the facts of my case and hopefully lend his powerful political voice to my particular plight and help push for my freedom. Yet he cannot do it alone. My wonderful friends and supporters, the time is now to make the push and throw our own considerable voice behind those politicians who not only stand opposed to this death penalty. But who will also make the stand with us in the open to demand justice for those like myself who have been wrongly convicted of crimes that we simply DID NOT commit. The time is now…

I would like to thank everyone who has thus far joined in the writing campaign to the mayor. But I urge you still to understand that you must not stop at one letter. But please take what you have done and urge other people to match you in what you have done.

Because of where I am in my appeals my friends, every moment of every day must be utilized to its fullest potential. You have come through for me before. Those of you who were with me in 2005 when I had an execution date then know what I talking about ie., ALIVE, TDPAM, CEDP, TCADP, NAZIM HIKMET, PAUL ROUGEAU COMMITTEE, ACAT, THE WELFARE POETS, KPFT(HITAJI, ROBERT MUHAMMAD, ZEN, OBEDIKE, AKUA HOLT, RENEE FELTZ, etc,), PROFESSOR DOW, VOICES FROM DEATH ROW, 4WARD EVER etc, and the many individuals who joined in to sign and carry petitions on my behalf…. You know what I was up against and we succeeded in bringing attention to my plight and that and more is what we need again. You MUST show everyone that my case MUST NOT be over looked. Otherwise we risk my case being one of far too many where justice goes unserved.

Lastly, I want to again thank everyone. But also again urge that you all not stop at one letter. Email others. Urge that the facts of my case be heard. Set up your own support sites for me in your communities and build up support and link with everyone. THE TIME IS NOW. And my friends and supporters we must diligently be proactive in our efforts. THE TIME IS NOW. And this means the time for my freedom and the time for justice!


In Strength and In Spirit!

Tony Egbuna Ford



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