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Was an innocent man executed? TRUTH HANGS BY A HAIR!

The Texas Observer and the Innocence Project fight to preserve evidence that could show if an innocent man was executed. One strand of hair, a piece of evidence crucial to determining whether Texas executed an innocent man almost seven years ago, is apparently at risk of being destroyed by San Jacinto County officials who are…read more

Editors of DMN answer questions

Dallas reader wondered why our Aug. 20 coverage of convicted killer Kenneth Foster didn’t mention that he was a member of a youth gang. Omitting that information, he thought, made Mr. Foster seem more innocent than he really was. Assistant Managing Editor Mike Drago says the reporter who wrote the story found trial testimony that…read more

Ruth Massingill at Book People tonight

Date: Sep 6, 2007Time:7:00 PMEvent: Ruth Massingill – Prison City Description: Huntsville, TX is the execution capital of the world. In Prison City, Ruth Massingill talks to inmates, guards, local politicians and townsfolk to learn about the effect this dubious distinction has had on Huntsville. Without taking a stance one way or the other on…read more

Dan Rather Reports: Did Texas Execute Innocent Men?

Dan Rather Reports examines the cases of two convicted murderers in Texas who were sentenced to death after they were identified by eyewitnesses at trial. Those identifications are now in doubt years after the men were executed. Also, a look at the latest in aviation–very light jets.

Death Penalty and Deterrence

The recent round of deterrence studies published over the last six years by economists that declared that an execution prevents between 3 and 18 homicides has been shown to be flawed.The Justice Gambit has all you need to know about these studies.

Houston Chronicle: Timely judgment

Thats the title of Houston Chronicle’s editorial regarding Gov. Rick Perry’s decision to commute Kenneth Foster’s death sentence. The interesting fact is that Houston Chronicle was the only major paper in Texas that did not take a stance on Kenneth Foster, before his scheduled execution date of Aug 30, 2007. From his cell on death…read more

Executing the Insane – The Case of Scott Panetti

In 1984 the Supreme Court ruled in Ford vs. Wainwright, that it is unconstitutional to execute an inmate who is mentally insane. Since this decision the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has yet to find a single death-row inmate incompetent to be executed in Texas. Three months ago the Supreme Court ruled in the case…read more

Meet Kenneth Foster (Alive!)

I sit here stunned: a goofy smile on my face, a tear on my cheek. This must be what victory feels like. Forgive me if I’m not familiar with its near-narcotic euphoria. For folks who haven’t heard, Kenneth Foster’s death sentence was struck down yesterday by Texas Gov. Rick Perry after a 6-1 recommendation by…read more