Monthly Archives: July 25, 2007

Hundreds march for Kenneth Foster

Hundreds of Texans marched down the Congress Avenue and later at the Governor’s Manssion last Saturday calling on Gov. Rick Perry to stop execution of Kenneth Foster. As Scott Cobb of TMN mentioned, “The rally for Kenneth Foster last Saturday was probably the best, most well-attended, high energy protest of a pending execution in Texas…read more

Lonnie Johnson 100th Harris county execution

Tuesday night Texas executed Lonnie Johnson, who became the 100th person executed from Harris County. Texas Moratorium blog has more details on Lonnie Johnson’s case. According to Houston Chronicle, The Tomball murders occurred during a racially charged summer as a campaign in neighboring Montgomery County to free Clarence Brandley from death row moved toward success….read more

George White at Texas Capitol

In the following days I will post a series of videos that includes speeches given by exonerated death-row inmates, murder victim family members, public officials and anti-death penalty activists. The following is a short video of George White talking during the Lobby day of 2007 Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break in Ausin, Texas. This October…read more

Rally to Save Kenneth Foster

The State of Texas intends to execute Kenneth Foster on August 30, despite the fact that he did not murder anyone. Unlike any other state in this country, Texas utilizes a unique statute called the Law of Parties which allows the State to subject a person to death even though he did not kill, intend…read more

Top Ten “Fry Mumia” Myths Debunked

Steven Argue has written series of ten articles answering the top ten myths being circulated by those who advocate execution or continued prison for Mumia Abu-Jamal. Click on the image to read the first myth.

Jocks 4 Justice: Stop the Execution of Kenneth Foster. Jr.

We the undersigned are shocked that the state of Texas aims to executeKenneth on August 31 for the “crime” of driving a car. His 10-year-olddaughter will live without a father because of a law obscene in itsexistence, and repellent in it’s application. In Texas, under a statute called the “law of parties,” a person can…read more

Shooting, Borris Miles style!

Earlier this year Rep. Borris Miles, D-Houston removed a few art pieces from the Death Penalty Art Show without permission from the State Preservation Board, because he found them to be offensive toward African Americans and Christians. Houston Chronicle is now reporting that Borris Miles used a pistol and shot one of the two men…read more

Mother of executed son will join relatives of Texans who have been executed to describe how the death penalty affects surviving families

By Murder Victims’ Families for Human Rights Tamara Chikunova, founder of the Uzbekistan-based group Mothers Against the Death Penalty and Torture, will visit the United States for the first time to speak publicly with other family members of people who have been executed. Chikunova’s son Dmitri was executed in Uzbekistan seven years ago. Chikunova’s visit…read more