Campus Progress wants you to apply to be a Student Representative!

 We are sure that you have some amazing ideas on how to organize, mobilize, and galvanize other students on your campus. As a Campus Progress Student Representative you will be given the unique opportunity to work with students from over one hundred different campuses, and will receive the tools to help you achieve your anti-death penalty goals.


Backed by the resources of Campus Progress and the Center for American Progress, Representatives will strive to build strong and sustainable progressive communities across the nation. Campus Progress Student Reps will receive special access to Center resources, including networking opportunities, funding, experts, and media and political guidance.

As a Campus Progress Representative you will help set up events with progressive speakers, strengthen progressive voices in print and other media, advance progressive causes at the local level, and participate in Campus Progress’ national issue campaigns. This year, our Representatives will be working on issues like fighting the death penalty, ending the war in Iraq, making college more affordable, making their campuses more environmentally friendly, protecting the free exchange of ideas on campus, and advancing other key progressive issues, from civil rights to privacy to building a safer world.

Over the past year, our Campus Progress Student Representatives have played a critical role in our ability to spread the message and advance our work with young people all over the country. Here is what some of them had to say about the program:

When I came to DC last summer, I had no idea what Campus Progress had to offer. After attending several summer events and the national conference, I was inspired to take my progressive values to the next level, to take on a leadership role in my community back in Berkeley . As a Campus Progress representative, I had the opportunity to make lasting impacts on my campus as well as lasting friendships that will exceed my time as representative. — Maytak Chin, UC-Berkeley

I liked having access to the listserv and seeing all the different events and activities that were going on at other campuses, and I liked having access to resources and feeling connected to a wider community of student activists. I also liked the support and encouragement provided by CP staff. — Stephanie Lee, Miami U. of Ohio

Not to be too cheesy, but I was so happy to find CAP and Campus Progress. I am grateful to be part of an organization that is dedicated to authentic activism, sophisticated issue discussion, and a broad progressive movement. —
Lee Fang, U. of Maryland-College Park

We hope that you will apply to be a Campus Progress student Representative for the 2007-2008 school year. To apply, visit: Please apply before July 25th.

If you have any questions about the Student Representative program, Campus Progress, or the application process, please email

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