Monthly Archives: June 29, 2006

1st Annual fast and vigil to Abolish the Death Penalty in Texas

If you want to join us on July 1st- July 2nd in front of the Texas Capitol please register online. Free community housing at the First United Methodist Church DEATH ROW INMATES and FAMILY Members TO PARTICPATE IN THE 13TH ANNUAL FAST AND VIGIL in Washington, DC, AND THE 1ST ANNUAL FAST AND VIGIL IN…read more

Quote of the day! Kansas v. Marsh , No. 04-1170

Justice David H. Souter, said the majority opinion by Justice Clarence Thomas, undermined efforts to eliminate “freakish capital sentencing.” “freakish capital sentencing”

Press Release

For immediate release: June 25, 2006 Contact: Delia Perez Meyer, (512)444-5366Scott Cobb, President, Texas Moratorium Network (512) 689-1544Hooman Hedayati, President, Texas Students Against the Death Penalty(210) 601-7231 Evidence of Possible Execution of Innocent Man in Carlos De Luna Case Uncovered by an Investigation Conducted by The Chicago Tribune Warrants Halt to Tuesday’s Execution of “Railroad…read more

On Carlos Deluna!

The thought of executing an innocent person is perhaps our criminaljustice system’s worst nightmare. People are wrongfully convicted andsent to prison all too often. These mistakes, however, can be corrected. But with the death penalty, there is no instant replay or “do-overs.”We cannot un-execute someone. Therefore, it was indeed disturbing to readrecent media reports strongly…read more

Did this man die…for this man’s crime?

On Dec 7, 1989, Carlos De Luna was executed in Texas for a murder in Corpus Christi. But a Chicago Tribune investigation has uncovered evidence he was not the killer: According to NBC Nightline there were no finger prints or any physical evidence at thecrime scene and Carlos DeLuna was executed based on a false…read more

Important news likely to break over the weekend by Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune is planning to break a big story about an execution (innocence?) in Texas over the weekend. We don’t know the details yet. This news story is likely to increase the criticism of the death penalty system in Texas and will give us more reason to ask for an end to the death penalty…read more

Good news from SCOTUS!

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court made it easier Monday for death row inmates to contest the lethal injections used across the country for executions and to get DNA evidence before judges in a pair of rulings that hinted at fresh caution on capital punishment. The decisions, both written by moderate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, ease…read more

2006 Texas Democratic Party Convention in Fort Worth

The Texas Democratic Party passed a resolution calling for the Moratorium on Executions during the 2006 TDP Convention. They also approved a platform that calls for a moratorium on executions and the establishment of a statewide Office of Public Defenders for Capital Cases. The resolution and platform was drafted by TMN’s Scott Cobb, who was…read more